Lions, Tigers, and… Shingles

This summer did not go as planned. Things rarely do—not just for parents with special children, not just for parents—life just has a way of doing its own thing. I have quite a few posts written that I wasn’t able to spend the time cleaning up and getting on the internet. After months of silence, I’m hoping you will be inundated with posts for a couple of weeks (*wink!)

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Today’s post is mostly just an apology for my continued silence. I hope that you all had a great summer. Ours was a comedy of errors. I can pretty much sum up the whole thing with two brief examples:

We got a brand new car. The next day I backed it into a mailbox. Yup, that happened.

I got shingles. In my eye. Yup, that happened.

People told me that we would look back and laugh at the stack of misfortunes and missteps that plagued us all summer. I didn’t believe them, but now that the kids are back to school and I am focused on new things… I am laughing. I don’t know that it’s really haha-funny. It’s a wry laugh. A laugh at my own expense. A laugh of relief.

It’s over.

School is back in session. The boys went back today. Our county started a new “innovative” approach to transition back to school this year. It’s complicated enough to put the school calendar on two pages. I hate it. But I also can’t make myself care enough to… care. I have enough campaigns on my plate. The boys are in school. The rest is gravy.

Yoshi is in middle school. Yikes. Big Brother is in high school. Double yikes. It’s a day of big changes around here. Yoshi was excited to go this morning and Big Brother didn’t seem overly concerned. Life goes on. Summer is over and we’re onto our next adventure.

Stay tuned for my real posts. I’m sorry for my silence. I miss writing. I miss posting. But I’m back, baby!

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2 thoughts on “Lions, Tigers, and… Shingles”
  1. I got the shingles vaccine because, well, because I’m old. You’re not. I hope you’re feeling better. Enjoy the blessed silence of your house while you have it, relax, and create! See you soon!

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