Reasons why Sara & Chris would never work:

  1. Chris travels all the time, just like Sam. I hate that about my marriage now, do I
    really want to get into that again?
  2. Chris is a lot like Sam – when Sam is home, he works; when Chris is here, he “works”
  3. Apparently, I’m going to spend the rest of my life comparing them.
  4. Andrew doesn’t want Chris breaking up my marriage.
  5. I can’t have kids. Laura and Andrew deserve grandchildren.
  6. I’m so awful that Sam picked Anna over me. How much will it hurt when Chris realizes
    it and finds someone else?
  7. Sam just died. Too soon? How would we ever know if enough time has passed?


What did Matt say to Chris on the tour bus?

Chris: Hello?

Matt: Chris? Hey.

Chris: Yeah, hey.

Matt: She’s not doing very well, is she?

Chris: No, she’s not. But I’m working on it.

Matt: I need you to take care of her.

Chris: Yeah, I will.

Matt: I didn’t know she had finally decided to join you guys. I was afraid she had run away because she just disappeared.

Chris: Sorry. I didn’t realize that she wasn’t talking to you or I would have called you myself.

Matt: You can’t trust her to take care of herself.

Chris: I know. She’s not eating.

Matt: I expected as much. She’s going to punish herself for a long time unless we fix it. Call your mom.

Chris: Why?

Matt: Because Sara will listen to her. It will help, I promise.

Chris: Okay, I can do that.

Matt: Are you taking her away from me now?

Chris: That’s the plan. Sorry.

Matt: (laughs) No, you’re not.

Chris: (laughs) Not really, no.

Matt: Take care, man. Of both of you.

Chris: I’ll make sure she sees a lot of you. I promise.

Matt: Yeah, we’ll see. Put her back on. Chris: See ya.


What really happened on Matt’s Date to the Virginia Beach Concert (The short version)

Matt’s date was named Anna (different Anna). Before the show, Matt saw the guys when she was in the bathroom fixing her make-up. Afterward, at the hotel, Matt claimed to need to use the bathroom and told her to go find the guys and he would meet up with them. Then he told her the wrong room number, wrong floor, whole bit, and ran up to see the guys for a little bit before meeting up with her in the lobby. He told her that she must have misheard him, he was wondering where she was when he was in their room.