I’m a stay at home mom of two wonderful, very active boys.  I graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Family and Childhood Development (yup, went to school and got my MOM!)  Because I was not  an English major, I have to rely on my word nerd friends to help keep my grammar correct.

Inspired by the idea of getting to meet and become friends with my favorite band, I started to write six kinds of crazy. The story probably would have died after a few paragraphs (okay, I might have managed a couple of pages) if I hadn’t gotten sick.  It was right after Christmas in 2012 and for weeks I was stuck in bed with nothing to do.  I kept writing to keep my mind off of being sick and to give me something to do while I laid in bed all day.  I was as surprised as everyone else when I got to the end and it was an entire book! I’ve never considered myself a writer and certainly did not believe myself capable of creating a book, but that’s what happened.  I probably would have left it as a story for myself or maybe something to share with a few friends if fate hadn’t intervened again.  As it turned out, I was so sick it was going to require surgery to make me well.  (Thanks Dr. K. for fixing me up!)  My husband jokingly told me that I had to publish my book so that we could pay for the surgery and subsequent hospital stay. With the advent of the wonderful e-book I was able to do just that.

It took finishing one book to show me that I can do this. I learned a lot about the writing process along the way and I’m ready to write more. Stay tuned for more books!