Evansgate was started by Mark Evans when he was “discovered” at an open mic night.  He recruited his friends Chris Eck and Mark Cannadiak to play bass and drums.  Drew Holst finished off the group.  They hit it big with their third album and the rest, as they say, is history.

So really: Evansgate was born in my imagination, inspired by my favorite band.


Meet the band

Mark Evans
Mark is the lead singer and keyboard player.  He has described himself as married to his music.  Along with Cannadiak, he writes most of the music for the group.

Chris Eck
Chris sings back up and plays the bass.  He is a proud veteran of Starbucks.  He can also play the guitar and the piano.

Mark Cannadiak
Mark sings back up and plays the drums.  He has known Mark Evans since they were toddlers.  He helps Evans write a lot of the group’s music.

Drew Holst
Drew plays the guitar.  He is happily married and brings some responsibility and calmness to the group.


Saving the World Tour

See the tour schedule.


Everyone’s Wondering…

Who is my favorite band, the one that inspired Evansgate? I’ll never tell! My only clue is that there were not four members when I wrote the book. I’ve also previously shared that it is not Pearl Jam, much as I love them. The reference to Eddie Vedder and Jeff Ament in six kinds of crazy was put in for a different reason. But keep the guesses coming! Feel free to post your guess on my website!